Skyrim mod kit set for Tuesday release

You might have seen the news yesterday that Skyrim‘s “Creation Kit” modding tools are set for release on Tuesday, along with a special “surprise” (yay! Horse Armor!). So, what will you build? I have the following plans in mind – just as soon as my tiny dictator allows:

  • “Horse Armor”. No, really. I’ve lost a ridiculous number of horses to bandits and wild beasties and at a thousand gold pieces a throw, I’m getting rather fed up of it. Assuming that the new scripting language isn’t sooo different than Fallout 3‘s, I should be able to modify the script I used for my “Dogmeat Armor” mod, which simply switched the critter into “essential” (unkillable) mode when it was following the player.
  • Thieves’ Guild private quarters. Don’t get me wrong, I really appreciate having a nice bed to sleep in at the Riften hidey-hole, and it’s cute that it gets upgraded as you progress within the guild. It would just be nice to have a private room to sleep in, and I know just the place to put it.
  • A spare bedroom for my Solitude home. Why would a sumptuous, otherwise-perfect mansion like that only have one bedroom? And what’s with the horrid sleeping bag on the floor in the basement? Is that fit accommodation for my brave, loyal warrior-maid? I don’t think so!

I think that’s about it for now, though I’m sure I’ll have plenty of customisation ideas later on. Shame I won’t get to experience any mods on my current platform-of-choice, the xbox 360. Now that the Creation Kit comes with Steam integration, perhaps it could pave the way for some future fan-sharing on xbox Marketplace. We can dream.

In the meantime, there’s also a new patch up to fix a ton of bugs that thankfully I never even noticed.

I suppose it’s too late to mention the texture glitching in the Solitude house basement. Oh well, it’s not like I spend much time in there anyway, with only a horrid sleeping bag for company!




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