A Boy And His Dog

There are films I love, films I loathe, and films I’m … just not sure.

Today I saw A Boy and His Dog again, and I’m still not sure what to make of it. It’s the daddy  of post-apocalyptic flicks (and inspiration for Fallout), starring a very young Don Johnson. In this hellish wasteland, he enlists the help of his telepathic pooch to find women – rare in these parts – and he’ll even indulge in necrophilia if none fresher can be found. He kidnaps a girl he plans to rape – but she has other ideas.

Of course such a premise is horrifying, and the laughs this jet-black comedy elicits are uneasy. It’s surreal, garish and ghastly – but compulsively watchable, right up to the twist ending.

Apparently the author, Harlan Ellison, liked the adaptation, but hated the new (priceless) last line, considering it chauvinistic. I’m wondering, in such a roundly misanthropic film, how he could make the distinction.

It’s definitely a film to see – but be warned, it’s uncomfortable viewing.




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