Gog Magog – Disorder

Last night, I saw a fairly interesting documentary on the history of punk (Teen Spirit: The Punk Explosion). It was on one of the cheaper Freeview channels (Yesterday) so there wasn’t much music, but just enough to remind me of an absolutely spellbinding track from 1995.

I know absolutely nothing about this band, except that they put this single out on Org Records, the label linked to Organ Fanzine. It’s an anachronistic slab of pure punk energy – completely unforgettable. 

A quick look at the Org site reveals the following info:

aaaaaaargh – The Gogs! What can we say, they’re legends, they could have been a lot lot lot more, their only single happened in 1995, they backed it up with acres of Pistolian chaos, a list of damaged venues… there was the time they stopped their set and refused to play on until someone threw the singer from Shed 7 (who’s they just spotted from their vantage point on their beer bottle festooned stage) was thrown out of the building, they were playing in a venue that was hosting a Shed 7 album release party at the time, they swear blind they didn’t deliberately get themselves booked on to that bill just to cause a bit more chaos….
What do (did?) they sound like? Classic English punk rock mate, more PIL than Pistols, very Dead Kennedys sounding actually, a hint of The Specials – think of the Dead Kens in a stolen white Jag being chased by The Sweeney in a 2.8 Granada with The Who on the tape deck via the East End of London and the rancid terraces of their beloved Leyton Orient F.C. – Lydon fronting The Jam at their very best. Maybe Gog Magog’s problem was that they love chaos just a little too much…. they only had this one single out, they are rumoured to be still out there, we bump in to them now and then, they keep threatening an album…. somehow I don’t think we should hold our breath (however if you should ever want to put a Pistols tribute band together then singer Tom is your man, he not only sounds like Mr Rotten, he bleedin’ well looks like him toooo!). if you were to force me in to telling which of our releases is my favouritest favourite ever then I’d throw this at you, they were even better than The Pin Ups! I do hope they walk in here one day and we can get moving with the second record (hope they still haven’t got the same manager though – some ex punk singer who printed prostitutes telephone cards for a living). Actually they’re probably too busy hot-wiring stolen Ford Escorts to know what a web site is so we can’t send you anywhere for further information….. What a band, We love ’em and we hate them both at the same time… bastards!
BRILLIANT! If we ever put a best of ORG album out (which we won’t!) then the Magogs are first on there!




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