#musicmonday : Snowman – Hyena

I’ve left it a bit late if I wanted to catch Snowman live, since they split up last summer. It’s very difficult to sound that ethereal and still have balls, and only Levitation and Spiritualized spring to mind as bands that pulled that off. Oh, and Warpaint. I wouldn’t call this lot shoegazers, though. 

Snowman are from Perth in Australia, but moved to London in 2008 and released three albums before announcing their split round about June 2011. They were pretty popular in Australia, winning numerous awards. The “ethereal” bit is because they drench their songs in reverb – though since The Birthday Party have been cited, we’re not talking Chapterhouse here. I suppose they sound a bit like Lush in the same way that Warpaint sound like Lush. The drums are way too much in the foreground to lull you to sleep like other bands that have high-pitched harmonies. There’s something a little bit clank-y

Truth be told, Absence is arresting from the outset – currently on my to-buy list (super-rare, costs a fortune!), following a cursory listen on Spotify – but Hyena is the obvious “single”, if bands go that route any more.



:edit: I caved in and bought it on iTunes, since it was £6 there for download, compared to £17 retail! Here’s another track:




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