Top 100 singles of all time: 90 – Ministry – NWO

You’re wondering why I didn’t pick Jesus Built My Hotrod, right? It is the obvious choice.



But I just love N.W.O. more. It’s one of my earliest memories of clubbing. Sneaking at the age of 14 or so into a dank basement dive in Brighton, drunk on cider, arms flailing on the dancefloor to this and Nine Inch Nails and whatever else the kids were dancing to in those days. Funnily enough, I always thought that it was Ministry’s biggest single, but N.W.O. got to number 11 in the Billboard charts and was nominated for a Grammy.  It was the second single from Psalm 69.

N.W.O. was a protest against President Bush (snr). Ministry always sound best when they’re angry about something. Bush provides the “new world order” sample; the “it’s alright” bit comes from Apocalypse Now.

There’s just something in that driving, ferocious repetition that just gets me on the basest, most primal level. This song just never gets old.



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