#musicmonday : Noisia – Machine Gun (16Bit remix)

Noisia Heads - Photography by Jozia Groeneweege

My friend Jesse linked me to this, with the explanation that he wasn’t a fan of either Noisia or 16Bit, but somehow together the combination of both bands makes for dark, dramatic dubstep goodness. He’s right: those orchestral pad sounds are a little Rhys Fulber-ish, and it does sound a bit like how I’d imagine a dubstep Front Line Assembly to sound. 

Noisia took their name from reading “vision” upside down on a VHS tape, and hail from The Netherlands. They claim to have a diverse range of influences – from James Brown to Fatboy Slim – but are most associated with drum ‘n’ bass.

I don’t know anything about 16Bit, except that they’re from West London and describe themselves as being of the “UKBass” genre.



And in case you were wondering how to dance to it, here’s a handy tutorial



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