How to blog about … SXSW


The wrap party was yesterday, so most of what will be written about the world’s hippest festival has already been tweeted live, but there’s still a day or so to get your thoughts down.

The Tone

If you were there, ladle on the smug like a Yummy Mummy with a brand new SUV. The Telegraph has the right idea, even throwing in self-righteous indignation for good measure, though you may wish to avoid writing like an eight year-old’s What I Did On My Holidays report.

If, like the rest of us, you missed it, lace your bitterness with a note of contempt. Or you could be a little more constructive, like The Guardian, who took the same line as Reinspired and blogged their picks of other people’s ravings.



The Stars

Are you going to write about the big stars or the little ones? Jay-Z and Bruce Springsteen or Grimes and Gazelle Twin? I’m no particular fan of The Boss, but most Americans I know seem to like him, so don’t feel embarrassed about saying nice things. You get extra credit for remembering something about Andrew WK that isn’t Party Hard. He’s certainly been rehabilitated in NY avant-garde circles playing jazz piano, playing bass for Current 93, and he even released an album of J-Pop covers a while back.



The Finds

If you want to write about something that isn’t white middle-class electro-indie from Brooklyn, you can’t go wrong with A$AP Rocky. There were numerous well-liked hip-hop acts on the bill, but A$AP seems to be getting all the attention lately.



Names that crop up again and again are Niki and The Dove, Mozart’s Twin and Bleached, so make sure to refer to them obliquely. You get ten extra points for throwing in a clip of Brit School’s latest whiz King Krule (AKA Zoo Kid), who is famous for having red hair and being about 12 years old.



The Gossip

Billboard has this covered with a selection of celebrity-spotting vignettes. Hey, did you know that Bill Murray turned up to Jack White’s gig sporting a new moustache? Or that ZZ Top’s Billy F Gibbons hosted a launch party for his new BBQ sauce?

Don’t worry, again, if you didn’t actually go to the festival; Twitter is your friend.

The Proof

You could just keep it brief and simply post a clip of your favourite act. The Huffington Post pulled this off with this clip of Miniature Tigers sounding absolutely horrible. That’s the trouble with the modern world; it used to be that if you really enjoyed a band, you could just tell people it was great and they’d believe you, and since you were falling-down drunk at the time you would never know any better. Ignorance is bliss when it comes to the sound at festivals.

So, yeah, definitely vet your clips before you post them, or you could end up with this.



I think you definitely had to be there.



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