#musicmonday : Light Asylum – Dark Allies

Just a note that there’s only one day left to watch the excellent Homeland pilot on 4OD – more on that tomorrow.

This is yet another electro-goth act from Brooklyn: what makes Light Asylum stand out are Shannon Funchess’s fantastic vocals. (Is it bad that I thought that was a man singing?) The Guardian compared her to a cross between Alison Moyet and Andrew Eldritch. 

Light Asylum were a huge hit at SXSW last week, and though their synthy sound is unfashionably dated (think: Yazoo), a lot of people will like this.




One comment on “#musicmonday : Light Asylum – Dark Allies

  1. Ooh, nice!!! I really like this! You know, I was just saying to myself that I’d like to be a little more “up to speed” on current music, and my next thought was “Go to PS’s blog and dig through everything–that’ll be a good start.”

    And–more on topic–I think you’re quite right about this vocalist. I am definitely going to hunt down more music by this group.

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