Will Blood and Chrome be frakking awesome?

The new trailer for Battlestar Galactica‘s spin-off series Blood and Chrome is doing the rounds, and it looks impressive. “Reimagined” BSG was – particularly in the second season – probably the best television drama ever made, before it petered off in the final season and its first spin-off Caprica was a little weak. Here’s hoping Blood and Chrome will do better. The concept art above makes it look interesting, at least.

Click here for trailer

South Park (season 10)

I think a lot of people stopped watching South Park after the third or fourth series, because it just descended into crass shock tactics and pointless cruelty. I certainly did. It was therefore something of a surprise to find season 10 (so far, I’ve not finished it yet) is as sharp, funny and well-observed as The Simpsons at its peak.  Continue reading