Sounds of Skyrim – Flash! Bang! Dubstep Remix

OK, so the music’s a little dubious. A lot dubious. But you have to admit it’s clever – every sound comes from within the game. A Skyrim fan has compiled and mixed sounds from the game to create a “dubstep” (sort of brosteppy-trancy thing) tune.

It’s a fun video and should raise a smile. 

A song made entirely out of sounds recorded off my xbox from the game ‘Skyrim’.

For example the kick was made by layering a punch, the bassy part of firing a bow, and pressing B in the save menu, compressing and EQ’ing them all individually.

The snare was comprised of chopping wood, jumping in a puddle and eating an ingredient then leaving the menu. These were again all compressed and EQ’ed individually then put in a sampler and bussed reverb was added.

The white noise build up is a wind noise that has a filter sweep on it with a high res peak.

As you can hear in the song, the synth is made by looping the kick drum so much that it essentially turns it into an oscillator. It was then tuned to be in key and then sampled for use as a sampler instrument. The wobble sub bass heard near the end of the song is the same synth but with the ring shifter plugin on it and most of the high frequencies EQ’ed out.



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