The fun will come out “tomorrow”

Speculation is rife after Bethesda cryptically tweeted out this image today with the word “tomorrow”.

I doubt it’s the anticipated Fallout 4, since they tend not to announce games until they’re pretty far into development and Skyrim has only been out for a matter of months. It’s too high quality to be from an MMO, so that rules out any clues from the mysterious Zenimax Online (what are they doing? WHAT are they doing?), and it doesn’t look like DLC for Rage or Skyrim.  The most intriguing idea was that it might be a new Doom game. 

My money’s on it being from their new game Dishonored, about which very little is currently known. Dishonored is being developed by Harvey Smith (Deus Ex, Thief) and Raf Colantonio (Arx Fatalis, Dark Messiah) for Arkane Studios, with Bethesda as publisher.

It’s the vaguely steampunk setting that is making fans squeak with excitement, blending technologies from different eras with a grime-and-cobbled-streets city where no doubt crime and other shenanigans are afoot. The game is an open-world first-person sneak-em-up, where every foe can be neutralised non-lethally. For fans of the Thief games, this is a definite selling-point.

I guess we’ll find out Tuesday whether this, or some other game, is the source of that mysterious picture.


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