#musicmonday : Graham Coxon – The Truth

I wouldn’t go so far as to say that this sounds like NIN, but it has a sort of fuzzy dirginess to its bleak rhythms that has caused others to make the comparison. From new album a + e, this demonstrates that Coxon must have been the driving force behind Blur’s self-titled fifth album, but this is way more immediate and arresting. More what he must have had in mind. 

It’s a good album. Very good. It has picked up Reznor’s habit of sounding woolly and warm and strangely cold at the same time. It sounds like it was recorded underwater, or perhaps wrapped in cotton wool. (I’m guessing Kevin Shields probably tried that at some point.) It’s got strange, indistinct samples of speech – you can’t work out what they’re saying. It’s krautrock.

It’s infectious – the sort of thing you’d find yourself humming if you’re not too careful.




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