First impressions: Breton – Other People’s Problems

I’m going to have to hear this a fair few times before I can really pin it down, but while it’s not a perfect album, it’s pretty remarkable nonetheless. I couldn’t even say what genre it is. Indie? Dance? OK, you know how people were going on about MGMT a year or two ago? I always thought they had a great sound but lousy songs – they just didn’t have much of a sense of structure which meant those delicious hooks got lost in the execution. This suffers no such fate. Interference is one of the most absurdly infectious songs I’ve heard in ages, and I’ve been hearing a lot of catchy songs lately. 



They’re filmmakers, hence the extraordinary quality of their promo videos.  They’re a little bit UNKLE, a little bit Gorillaz, a dollop of Massive Attack. It’s got the lazy groove of the Happy Mondays without the punchability. It has shuffling grooves and insouciance – cool in the South London way, not Brooklyn hipsters. They’re going to be absolutely enormous: I hope they don’t lose their cool.




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