#musicmonday : Lana Del Rey, Azealia Banks and JG Thirlwell

lana del rey azealia banks src lanadelreyonline.com

I’m not much of a fan of Ms Del Rey, but this is fantastic! It’s the Smims & Belle Extended Remix of Blue Jeans, and it’s about a thousand times less insipid. The fierce four-to-the-floor beat and hard-n-heavy bassline is EBM-ish, like old Front 242. Azealia’s rap really works well, as I thought it would. 

Stream here on Soundcloud


JG Thirlwell still from Foetus 'Here Comes The Rain'

Speaking of streaming, Bandcamp has the new JG Thirlwell cover of Nino Ferrer’s La Rua Madureira up, and – good grief! – it’s f***ing awesome! Instant purchase from me, at any rate.

Stream here on Bandcamp



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