4 great songs I heard today

It’s always worth clicking through, whenever those “what obscure music do you like?” threads arise, because you never know what you’ll find. Today’s discoveries were Major Parkinson – a Cardiacs-y quirky punk band from Norway



and Japanese Voyeurs who are British. I described them in an email as sounding “sludgy, Queen Adreena-ish, female vocals that sound like barbed wire being dragged over glass”.  .


Meanwhile, The Quietus ran a useful piece sifting through John Peel’s record collection, the titles of which are being uploaded 100 at a time onto one of those hard-to-navigate flash sites that doesn’t work properly with Firefox. Of my finds there, One Of Our Girls Has Gone Missing by AC Marias



elicited a squee, because I remember this! It came out in about 1989. It sounds like Snowman, that Warpaint-ish band I was raving about a few months back. It pulls off the same trick of being both ethereal and substantial. I don’t remember appreciating it then as much as I do now – it’s a very good song.

Finally, I felt compelled to look up Abwärts



I’m not sure if this particular song is in John Peel’s collection, but it’s one that came up when I looked the band up on Youtube. They were, I think, the first band that Raymond Watts was involved with (I can’t spot him in this clip) but this post-punk song from 1980 is pretty catchy. FM Einheit and Mark Chung later joined Einstürzende Neubauten, trivia fans. And, no, Abwarts isn’t where Harry Potter went to school.



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