Donna Summer (1948-2012)

Donna Summer was one of the many soundtrack providers to my childhood. Funny how many straight blue collar types with gay disco tastes I know now, but my dad was one of them, and so our house was filled with this and ABBA. Funny, I was just thinking of Donna Summer earlier, even though I hadn’t yet heard about her having lost her battle with cancer today. She was 63.


Sure, she’s best known for her disco classics

but she had a rich musical resume covering many styles. This one featured Musical Youth, who were still basking in the success of Pass The Dutchie.


I shied away from her Stock Aitken & Waterman songs, which were huge hits

and lost touch with her music after that. I didn’t hear her last single until today (To Paris With Love reached the top of the US dance charts)

so I’ll conclude instead with a song I still have on 7″ vinyl – one of the many I recall enjoying when I was a child.


One comment on “Donna Summer (1948-2012)

  1. Your house with filled with Abba and Donna Summer?! So was mine!! Well, mostly Abba, but I had the Bad Girls album and I just recently saw an old Top of the Pops performance of hers and thought how I never really appreciated when I was younger what a great vocalist she was. A great loss. Another legen gone too soon.

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