10 most popular posts of the past 90 days

skril collins (via Tumblr)

1. Is it OK to think Skrillex is OK?
“It’s Diet Aphex Twin! Derivative, sure, but not dull enough to be offensive.”

2. How Kim Kardashian’s tits prove Obama’s anti-feminist agenda
“Well, that got your attention …”

3. Red hot: 25 carrot-haired cuties
“If the mere mention of Daryl Hall’s name doesn’t trigger the memory of catchy-but-cheesy tunes from the 80s … you’re obviously younger than I am.”

4. Dumb & Dumber
“I took my mother to see Dumb & Dumber at the cinema. She told me that if she was a 13 year-old boy, it would be her favourite film in the world.”

5. Beowulf
“The first thing to say about the film is that it looks absolutely gorgeous. Video games – even cutscenes – are years away from this fidelity.”

6. Skyrim: constructive criticism at its best
“In this age of entitlement – our me, me, me culture – people are usually unable to express their opinions without coming across like toddlers stamping their pudgy little legs and screaming, ‘But I want …'”

7. 10 sexiest nerds
“Wil Wheaton: He’s come a long way since he played Wesley Crusher in Star Trek: The Next Generation.”

8. Really realistic Disney princesses
“Finnish art student Jirka Väätäinen has ‘shopped together photographs to recreate impressions of what Disney’s princesses would look like in real life – and he’s done it very well.”

9. 10 actors who are older than you thought
“Frankie Muniz was 15 years old when the first episode of Malcolm in the Middle aired, and 21 by the final series. He was about the same age as his “older brother”, Justin Berfield as Reese.”

10. Offsetting the Uncool Footprint
“What’s the difference between the embarrassing records you’re quite proud of, and the ones that actually make you cringe? You know how people are trying to offset their carbon emissions. Can you do that with music?”