The Interesting Alternative Show

Funny how these random tweets keep panning out. This one was via The Quietus to Knifeworld‘s twitter, in which Kavus Torabi urged us all to tune into The Interesting Alternative Show on Phoenix 98 FM. It’s actually an Essex-based community radio show, but it streams here and every Monday plays some pretty spellbinding stuff. This is this week’s playlist: 

Mauro – Cover Up (Songs From a Bat Hat CD)
Other Men – Kind of off to the side a bit (Wake Up Swimming CD)
Sonic Youth – Becuz (Washine Machine CD)
Syd Arthur – First Difference (On and On CD)
Field Music – Just Like Everyone else (Plumb CD)
Robyn Hitchcock and the Venus three – Adventure Rocket Ship (Ole! Tarantula CD)
Guillaume Perret  & the Electric Epic – Circe (Same CD)
Devin Townsend – Soul Driven (Infinity CD)
Foetus – Don’t Want me Anymore (Love CD)
Present – Souls For Sale (High Infidelity CD)
The Fierce And The Dead – 666….6 (On VHS ep CD)
Bob Drake – Death Valley (What Day is it? CD)
Karda Estra – Phoenix (Constellations CD)
Shrubbies – Knives (Memphis in Texas CD)
Underworld – Stagger (Second Toughest of the Infants CD)
It’s the End – The Salesmen are the Real Whores (It’s the End CD)
Knifeworld – Clairvoyant Fortnight (radio non edit)(Ep CD)
Julian Cope – The Death of Rock and Roll (Psychedelic Revolution CD)
Accordion Tribe – Tuttumi (Sea Of Reeds CD)
COB – Eleven Willows (Moyshe Mcstiff and the Tartan Lancers of the Sacred Heart CD)
Fred Frith & Rene Lussier – Domaine Revisited (Nous Autres CD)

I tuned in about halfway through and thus missed half of Kavus’s witty banter (with host Steve Davis), though I did hear a great story about a salesman and a blocked toilet. What I did hear was good enough to make me want to go back and check out all the tracks I’d missed. Most of it was psychedelic RIO-type stuff that is standard fare for Cardiacs-related noodlings, but there were lots of other bits and bobs thrown in for good measure (the Underworld track – which I hadn’t heard in a while – was a welcome surprise).

I was pretty stunned by the Karda Estra track, which of course I can’t find now to play you, but here’s one of the many that impressed me from their New Worlds album (incidentally, co-written by Kavus):


This one was also co-written by Kavus (and he plays guitar here, too)


and here’s the new video by Kavus’s own band, Knifeworld:


OK, Kavus, you haven’t aged in 15 years. It’s starting to creep me out.

As for Phoenix 98 FM, it’s often a complaint of mine that I don’t get exposed to enough music because of the gap that radio used to fill. On the basis of the playlist above, I think I’ll definitely be tuning in again.


One comment on “The Interesting Alternative Show

  1. Hello Princess Stomper – thanks very much for the kind words about Karda Estra. The IAS show with Steve & Kavus is indeed a lovely show. Best wishes, Richard

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