Bethesda reveal Dawnguard in new trailer

Some people have said the new location looks a little Morrowind-y, though it’s pretty hard to tell from this clip. The new Skyrim DLC is set to hit the Xbox Marketplace this summer (presumably other platforms follow a month or so later). We can see vampires and crossbows, plus the mounted combat that appeared in a recent patch. Rumours abound of the return of the Snow Prince, as well as theories on whether the Dawnguard are related to Oblivion‘s Mythic Dawn. It looks as though you can choose whether to become a vampire or a vampire hunter, and the vamps look wonderfully feral as a pleasant change from the standard pallid goths. While trailers rarely indicate the actual game experience, the animations look fabulous, and at least the Skyrim trailer was entirely composed from in-game footage so it’s fair to hope this really is what it will look like.

Bethesda really nailed DLCs with Fallout 3The Pitt and Point Lookout were particularly impressive – so for those of us not too busy modding the game to actually get around to playing it, it seems we have a lot to look forward to. More information – hopefully including a release date – will be revealed next week at E3.



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