Hobo With A Shotgun

Robert Rodriguez ran a competition at SXSW for Grindhouse, inviting people to make fake trailers. This was the winning entry. 



The trailer was screened in some parts of Canada as part of the actual Grindhouse release. As a result, $3 million was raised to develop a full movie starring Rutger Hauer as the eponymous Hobo and Molly Dunsworth as his tart-with-a-heart sidekick. It’s the second fake trailer from Grindhouse to be made into a film after Rodriguez’s own Machete, and after a very limited theatrical release was uploaded onto streaming channels such as Netflix, where it has become a cult hit.

The Hobo’s rampage is sparked when he arrives in a nasty little town run by a criminal gang headed by The Drake (Brian Downey) and his sadistic sons (Nick Bateman and Gregory Smith). They inflict gory, over-the-top horror on the terrified locals – most of whom are drugged up to the eyeballs and willing to participate in the mayhem. When Abby (Dunsworth) is threatened, The Hobo shoots her attacker … and then decides to clean up the streets the old-fashioned way.

As you can guess from the trailer, the film is absolutely ridiculous. The acting is terrible, the violence gratuitous and the dialogue whiffier than a fromagerie. With a bigger budget, this could have eclipsed the disappointing Machete – especially since the effects are sub-Doctor Who (and I’m talking the old series here). That said, it’s because the effects are so bad that the film remains enjoyable – yes, it’s gruesome, but so obviously fake you’re never in any real danger of losing your lunch.

Answer the following question: did you like Desperado, From Dusk Till Dawn, Planet Terror and the action bits in Kill Bill? Oh good. Let me know what you think.



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