Tamriel Rebuilt for Morrowind’s huge new update

It’s now ten years since Morrowind came out, and you’d be forgiven for thinking that its loyal modding community would have given up on it by now. Tamriel Rebuilt aims to create the whole Morrowind landmass, rather than just the island of Vvardenfell that came with the game. When they first started and seemed to be making slow progress, I thought they’d give up before they were even a quarter of the way through. It’s taken them many years, but their achievement is outstanding – a fan-made expansion that’s now bigger than the (huge) game itself. This is what they’ve built so far. 

This the blurb to accompany their latest release:

Sacred East is now available for your enjoyment! Sacred East features some of the most lush terrain seen anywhere on Morrowind to date. With dense jungles, sparkling rivers, and impressive plantations, Sacred East is an adventure into the frontier of a previously-unexplored region: the lands of Great House Indoril. The Indoril may be known as the pious and religious among all the Great Houses, but they are not immune to terror, and it will be up to you to unravel the mysteries plaguing Almalexia’s favored, as they call themselves. Prepare yourself for amazement, intrigue, and more than a little cross-country backpacking!

Below is a short list of some of the places you can visit in Sacred East:

A true gem of ingenuity in architectural achievement, there is perhaps no town of Indoril heritage quite as unique as Akamora. This mining settlement makes creative use of the limited real estate, although anyone with a fear of heights may think twice about spending time here.

A gleaming Indoril fortress, Ayemar sits at an integral point along the roads north and south. The views from this fortress proved key in the defense of wars long since past.

An old and abandoned stronghold, Bisandryon is one of the largest of its kind in all of Morrowind. Many uses have since been proposed; shelters, Temple installments, even permanent settlements, but it still lies bereft of any Dunmer involvement. An enterprising adventurer may find a wealth of treasure within… if they can find their way back out.

A small settlement, Darnim calls home the Inlet Bog, a somewhat depressed area not unlike to the Bitter Coast of Vvardenfell. These areas are wild and filled with animals.

Dreynim and Dreynim Spa
The hard-working citizens of Dreynim are polite, yet not overly welcoming; they do have work to do, after all! Some of the best flat-water and river-going vessels ever to sail through Morrowind called Dreynim home, but it is a far cry from its once glorious past. Even so, you might be lucky enough to see boats being constructed on the banks. Cross the river and travel north just a hair and you’ll find yourself in the area of the famous Dreynim Spa. Perfect for relaxing after (or during!) an arduous journey, Dreynim’s hot springs will provide the comfort of luxury to those who so desire it.

Dun Akafell
Many tales have been told of the dark, dangerous, and forbidden ruins at Dun Akafell. Shrouded in mystery, and likely more than a few traps, these ruins provide a challenge for only the bravest of souls.

Nestled in the foothills of Sacred East, and on the banks of a river, Meralag sees traders and farmers pass through its walls on a frequent basis. You’ll be hard-pressed to find a more convenient stop amid your travels.

The jewel of the region, the holiest of holies, the city of Necrom is famous for its white walls and somber atmosphere, which can send chills down your spine even on the sunniest of days. This city brooks no trouble from visitors, who will find themselves face-to-face with the elite guard, Ordinators in Mourning, should they put a single toe out of line.

Nethril Plantation
The large plantation of Nethril provides crops for much of the region, and its owning family holds great political power because of those crops. This site is one of the more innovative uses of the MH tileset

One of the main House Indoril settlements, Sailen sees a decent amount of trade and foot traffic, as one of the last stops on the road to Necrom from pilgrims traveling south.

On the eastern coast of the mainland, the little gathering of huts is a welcome reprieve from the forests further west. Seitur sees little trade, but is home to expert fishermen.





One comment on “Tamriel Rebuilt for Morrowind’s huge new update

  1. Impressive! It’s great to see that people are working on enhancing Morrowind so many years after it was released.

    Morrowind was truly something special and reading this makes me want to play it again. I’m going to have a second look at this, that’s for sure.

    Thanks for the info. 🙂

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