Three Trapped Tigers release free remix EP!

I’m super-busy right now trying to finish (start?) my entry for Skyrim Real Estate‘s modding competition. So, no time to blog tonight! I’m listening to Three Trapped Tigers’ remix EP, which they’re giving away for free (!)  

I found it via The Line of Best Fit, so thanks for that. Here’s the tracklist

1. Cramm (Teej Remix)
2. Noise Trade (Nedry Remix)
3. Creepies (Gallops Remix)
4. Ulnastricter (Evil Ex Remix)
5. Ulnastricter (LA2019 Remix)
6. Zil (Blak Nite Remix)
7. Drebin Inspired by Drebin (Juffage Rehaul)
8. Magne (Ghosting Season Remix)
9. Reset (Summer Camp Remix)
10. Reset (OLUGBENGA Edit)




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