Philip Glass – The Photographer

Crap! Is that the time? Noise Unit would NOT go to sleep! After over an hour of reading to her, singing to her, cuddling her and muttering “FFS! Go to sleep!” she fiiiiinally drifted off after yet another bottle of warm milk.

So I didn’t get much of an evening. I was either going to mod Skyrim or play Mass Effect 3 and ended up doing neither. Barely had time to get in my fix of cute baby animals on Buzzfeed before I noticed the hour. Time for me to Go The F*** To Sleep. But before I do, I’ll leave you with this amazing clip that I just found on JG Thirlwell’s blog. It’s inspired by the homicide trial of photographer Eadweard Muybridge, who pioneered the technology to capture horses in motion, and was the last admitted murderer in California to be unpunished on grounds of “justifiable homicide” in a crime of passion after he shot his wife’s lover. It’s one of those pieces that gets better the further in you get, and is an absolutely incredible piece of music. It builds up and up and up and up and just keeps going until it sets off little explosions of sound like aural fireworks. It’s that dazzling and beautiful. This is what reinspired is all about. 



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