We interrupt this broadcast to tell you ….

Mass Effect 3 Redhead Female Shepard Wins

I’ve not been around much lately because I’m frantically playing my way up to to a point where I can eagerly begin the new DLCs for Mass Effect 3 and Skyrim, both of which ship Tuesday. 

Skyrim‘s DLC is estimated to be 10-20 hours in length – so basically a full-length expansion – and allows you to become either a vampire or a vampire hunter. It’s all jolly exciting. It’s out Tuesday for the xbox 360, with other platforms to follow shortly.



The Mass Effect DLC was put together in response to criticism of ME3‘s bleak ending, and claims not to be a complete reworking (like Fallout 3‘s Broken Steel, which added about 10 extra hours to the story) – more just an epilogue to “answer questions” that the fans had posed. I haven’t actually finished ME3 yet, and have been racking up multiplayer points while hovering at the point of no return. It’s my choice, therefore, whether to experience the original ending tonight, or wait for the DLC on Tuesday.



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