This is a Necessary public service announcement

Necessary Galgeberg Gimle - pic from Necessary website

Whatever you’re doing, stop it right now, go to this site and download FOR FREE a copy of Galgeberg/Gimle by Necessary.

“I think the genres covered are basically everything that we’re interested in, which would include hip-hop, dub, goth, world music, drum & bass, ambient techno and industrial. I guess I should invent a catch-all term like Post-Dictatorial Troll-Hop, but I hope to still be making music in a year.” – Necessary’s Tony Wilson to The Quietus

It’s Oh-My-F***ing Good. Their drummer, Ted Parsons, has played in Swans, Prong, Godflesh, Killing Joke and the Foetus live band – so have in your mind a certain heavy chuggy sound, and then meld that with hip-hop and the heavier, nastier side of electronica. It’s a lot more subtle than your standard Filter-vs-Crystal-Method take on genre-mashing.



It’s a real shame I’ve already submitted my list of favourite tracks of the year to date. Oh well, there’s always the year-end roundup.

Galgeberg/Gimle is available on vinyl at Rough Trade online and Reckless Records in Soho, London.



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