“Radiohead is because it’s like this total triumph of short people”

We’ve been having fun with Googlism, a website that filters descriptions from Google to tell you what Google “thinks” of you. For example:

princess stomper is normally represented as a small pink bunny
princess stomper is a former magazine contributor and music researcher
princess stomper is making way too many assumptions in this article 

Everett True listed some frankly pant-wetting results over at Collapse Board:

collapse board is but a baby wombat in the works of the mighty australian street press
collapse board is a great site for signposting and exploring

everett true is to nirvana what jonathan king is to carter ?much needed publicity and a pain in the ass
everett true is more interesting than dostoevski?
everett true is all of the following
everett true is a confused and incompetent music critic

I put in some searches of my own:

sufjan stevens is very stubbornly living in his head

Can’t argue with that.

buke and gase is a band doing a lot with a little

*nods emphatically*

pj harvey is not helping
pj harvey is my favorite cock

Ummm … what?

dave mustaine is not a dick
dave mustaine is a pussy

Thanks for clearing that up. Did he swap places with PJ Harvey?

anna calvi is on the web here

Comforting to know.

emil pagliarulo is so goddam right i’d suck his dick

Is that offer specific to Bethesda game developers or do you go down on everyone you agree with?

[Other game-related searches I tried didn’t turn up anything interesting, and Todd Howard is apparently the name of an athlete.]



mick harvey is fun and short

I’ve honestly never heard him described that way before.

nick cave is a f***ing w*nker

That’s the top result on that name. Maybe that’s what living in Hove does to a man.

sophie ellis bextor is to marry dexter fletcher

I’m sure that’s news to her husband, Richard Jones.



william d drake is more afghan coat than legwarmer

I thought everyone knew that about the former Cardiac.

beyonce is stealing my mojo

Did you look down the back of the sofa?



foetus is very badly affected

Are you talking about the gratuitous singing in French?

foetus is having first language lessons in the womb

It was all pun and games

jim thirwell is the guy that got it banned in 38 countries

Was that the thing with the whipped cream and the rubber chicken?

jg thirlwell is able to produce

Are we still talking biology here?

jg thirlwell is just too good to miss


jim thirlwell is a tiny gypsy

Compared to Mick Fleetwood?


radiohead is like the brother i never had
radiohead is because it’s like this total triumph of short people
radiohead is trying to parody the sedated
radiohead is allowed to exist
radiohead is not god

I feel thoroughly elucidated.

trent reznor is god 4 of 5 people found this comment helpful

I’m guessing I’m the one who didn’t.

nick cave is god

I thought he was a w*nker. That, or you’re a very angsty sort of believer.

janelle monae is god’s gift to music

So was she given by Nick Cave or Trent Reznor? At least we know it wasn’t Radiohead.



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    • Thanks – yeah, the previous pic was from flickr but I hadn’t noticed the copyright restrictions so I replaced it with a public domain image.

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