Skyrim Real Estate modding challenge – results are in

I didn’t win – dammit! – after busting my behind for six weeks. It doesn’t matter, though – I won a past competition for Oblivion and wouldn’t have entered at all except that I relished the challenge. Any innermost grumbling I might have entertained melted away the moment I saw the other entries – they were magnificent! The first one I looked at, I got shivers down my spine, and that wasn’t even the one that won!

These are the entries:

I won’t write too much here since I’ve only just finished exploring and it’s past my bedtime. My personal favourites include the dreamily romantic Daphne’s Well

the palatial SoLo Solace

and, of course, the winning entry, CerebralDen.

There were a couple more that I loved bar one or two minor details, and the rest showed incredible innovation and obvious hard work despite a few easy-to-fix flaws.

Quibbles aside, I think it’s the strongest batch of modding competition entries I’ve ever seen, and I’ll definitely be keeping some fabulous new homes in my game.

Download the entries at Skyrim Real Estate


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