#musicmonday : Death Grips – I’ve Seen Footage

death grips cover art the money store

I don’t know what the f*** this is. According to The Quietus 

“Then there’s the genre game: mad-as-s*** new classifications bandied about like a photogenic baby at a Tory Conference. It’s art-hop! No, it’s tech-beat! You’re both wrong, it’s psycho-rap (actually… that was us). Nay sir, it’s Anticon-punk, it’s Def Jux joins the army, it’s (my personal favourite) ‘post-rap’! Until… Pfft… Is it even rap music?! (See also every incensed hip-hop forum in existence). And indeed, if it isn’t rap, then it’s time to circle around, in a crazy hell-loop, back to square one and… What in God’s name is it? Well we’re gonna make it easy for everyone. Because in outlook, sensibility, and sonics, these godless Cali f***s, with their liquid, obliterated anomaly that has baffled half the Western internet… Well, they’re as Brit post-punk as Keith Levene at a raincoat convention.” John Calvert

It sounds like this:




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