Mass Effect movie “has a script”

After lodging in Development Hell for a spell, it looks like the Mass Effect movie is back in motion. G4 reported today that it had spotted a passing mention at Deadline of a script by Thor‘s Mark Protosevich for Legendary Pictures. Contradicting last year’s information, this script is based on the first game, and stars the male version of Shepard.

Where Legendary previously said they would definitely not cast voice actor Seth Green as Joker, they’re now insisting that no decisions have been made.

Casting any spin-off from a popular source is fraught with problems, but almost everyone agrees that Shepard should be played by Lost‘s Matthew Fox.

Matthew Fox at 2008 Comic Con - pic by Ewen Roberts

After that its anyone’s guess. I’d personally root for Drew Barrymore as Liara (that mix of young/innocent with strong/sexy). Garrus would be a tough one – you’d have to find the American equivalent of Sean Pertwee: someone tough who could pass for a cop/military man, but who is also inherently likeable.

From the lists I’ve seen, nobody’s figured out that Kaidan is supposed to be Asian and Ashley is also non-white (she looks Hispanic to me, and she’s voiced by a black actress).

I do agree with the suggestion of Laurence Fishburne for Captain Anderson, and would love to get a time machine to put a young Christopher Walken as Thane.

I don’t get why they wouldn’t let Seth Green return as Joker. I mean, can you imagine anyone else doing better?



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