Top 100 singles of all time: 71 – The Stooges – I Wanna Be Your Dog

I don’t know why I picked this song. It must have been on the original list that inspired my original post, and I just ranked it in the best position, but it’s not even my favourite Stooges song let alone my 71st favourite song of all time. It is a good song, though. 



It’s listed as proto-punk, but there’s something almost gothic about it – it could easily have come from Joy Division or Bauhaus. It came out in 1969, lifted from their self-titled album, and was produced by John Cale (which explains a lot). The band had formed two years earlier, when James “Iggy” Osterberg was inspired to create a new type of blues music. Their early sound was avant garde, using industrial-style instruments cobbled together from household items. Iggy would smear hamburger meat over his bare chest, flash his own meat-and-two-veg at the crowd, and some claim he invented stage diving.

Iggy took a lot of inspiration from MC5, and the talent scout who signed The Stooges signed MC5 at the same time. The band’s self-titled debut was not popular, and was even rumoured to have been written the night before the first session. Although the subsequent album was much better received, The Stooges’ debut is still an iconic release.

And now from their second album, Fun House, this is my favourite song by The Stooges:



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