I’ve become hooked on the most ludicrously melodramatic television series since 90210 ended its season run. Now on about episode 11 here, I’ve been slow to warm to ABC’s retribution drama. It is, essentially, Dynasty without the shoulder pads and 90210 without the humour. Emily Thorne (Emily VanCamp) is a wealthy socialite with a secret: she’s actually Amanda Clarke. Her father died in prison, framed for a crime he did not commit. Monte Cristo-style, she swears revenge on all who brought shame on her family, and the thrill is in watching her devious plans unfold. 

Revenge works because its spoilt, scheming characters remain likeable – even “Queen of the Hamptons” Madeleine Stowe as Emily’s arch-nemesis. It hits all the right notes of vicarious luxury living, and is beautifully (over)acted.

Mostly, I like it because it can throw a word like “despicable” into the dialogue and keep a totally straight face. “You despicable people are starting to rub off on me!”

How utterly charming, darling. You must come for tea. (Bwahahaha!)




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