New Buke and Gase EP available to pre-order

I gave Buke and Gase quite a hard time in my many posts about them because I’ve always found them frustrating: so obviously gifted and unique and refreshing, and so obviously capable of more. The good news is that, courtesy of new EP Function Falls, it looks like we’re going to get it. The four-track download will be released on 11 September, but you can hear the first song right away. (Those who pre-order can download one track in advance.) 



The choppy rhythms are still there – so familiar that the first few bars hint that nothing’s really changed since last time – but when the vocals get going it’s clear that we’re off on a new journey. The label reckons it’s a “study in contrasting textures”, and I’m going to give them that one. Misshaping Introduction indeed crosses warm guitarry strings (they’re home-made hybrid instruments) with cold sparkling percussion. It starts and stops in odd places.

Of course, we still have to hear the next three tracks – and the rest of next year’s full-length album – to really say for certain, but on that song’s basis, I’d believe you if you said this was as big a step up for Buke & Gase as Gloss Drop was for Battles.



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