First impressions: Bejeweled 3

Bejeweled 3

I just beat the Quests levels in Bejeweled 3. I think that merits a post. I picked up the world’s most popular puzzle game (500 million players!) cheaply on Xbox Arcade, having long been addicted to its Facebook and desktop Blitz incarnations. I also play its RPG-lite cousin, Puzzle Quest, and have bought Diamond Twister for at least two mobile phones. I can’t go anywhere without matching little jewels.

Bejeweled 3 feeds and nourishes my addiction. Modes of play include Zen Mode, developed with scientists to help players relax, and the Classic Mode, in which tile matches are untimed. I zipped through Quest Mode in just a couple of days. There are 40 puzzles and 11 minigames to solve, and not all of them conform to the classic Bejeweled rules of gameplay. For example, the Poker and Balance levels rely on colour matches rather than rewarding the longest chains. In the Diamond Mine, you can make hundreds of matches and end up scoring zero because you were at the wrong end of the board. Some of the modes are locked up from the beginning, so the more you play, the greater the rewards. There are also “badges” – in-game achievements – for various feats, and the display after you beat the whole Quest Mode dwarfs anything Peggle had to offer. Continue reading