What is Grimes doing? Plus 6 more what-the-f*** videos

Grimes Genesis video still

Grimes has a new video out. It made me think of some other bafflingly weird music videos.

Grimes – Genesis

Is this supposed to be some sort of Mad Max thing? Why is there a cybergimp (Brooke Candy) prancing about looking high? You’re not going all goth on us, now, are you, Claire?



Sigur Rós – Fjögur píanó

Why are they licking lollipops? Why is Shia LaBoeuf naked? Why did anyone think this was a good idea? (Yeah, yeah, addiction blah blah destructive relationships blah blah endless cycle blah blah. But still.)



Zladko Vladcik – Electronik Supersonik

Isn’t this Lady Gaga’s new video? Apparently, this is the creation of Australian comic Santo Cilauro, but it’s a plausible Eurovision entry and damn catchy song.



Bonnie Tyler – Total Eclipse of the Heart

Yes, this video is legendarily strange, but, seriously … What. The. F***.



Leonard Nimoy – The Ballad of Bilbo Baggins

Yeah, I got nothing.



Foetus – Blessed Evening

Directed by his pal Karen O, for whom he’s just produced a song for the new Tim Burton movie, this features floating heads, disembodied bloodied legs and all manner of strangeness.



Cardiacs – Tarred and Feathered

OK, everyone else can give up and go home.



7 comments on “What is Grimes doing? Plus 6 more what-the-f*** videos

  1. I can explain Grimes’ latest look 🙂
    I’m not a slave to fashion, but I do read a lot of fashion blogs and frequent Looknook.nu. Plus, my best friend is a shameless hipster, always following the latest trend.
    I kid you not, Grimes’ latest look is what is currently ‘newest of the new’ in fashion. Seriously. The whole 90s fluros-crossed-with-indian-stuff is actually a trend. Cyber Bollywood I call it.
    I think it’s got to do with the latest 90s resurgence in music and fashion. Gwen Stefani, Madonna, etc, were rocking bindis in the 90s. Right now, people are mixing this trend with grunge accents, and really bright, futuristic stuff. Check it out:

    I know. People are odd.

    • Oh, it wasn’t Claire’s look that baffled me, it was her pal (Brooke), dressing in that “cybergoth” outfit that was faintly cool back in 1996. I wondered why Grimes would want to be associated with such an unfashionable image. Reading up a bit, it looks like Claire’s a huge Skinny Puppy fan, but the irony is that Puppy wouldn’t even get played in “industrial” clubs nowadays because it’s all been co-opted by those latex-clad goths dancing to cheesy techno.

    • Wait, wait … looking up some more: LMAO! It looks like the new fashion is to copy that ridiculous goth-fetish look from the mid-90s! I … don’t even know how to react to that.

  2. oh that is my fave Foetus video even if it’s not my fave song. I really like that there are iguanas in the video. I wish they’d used alive ones though.

    • Nah, Butterfly Potion is my favourite Foetus vid because he looked so freaking hot in it. *pause* Good lord! That was 22 years ago! Aged well, though.

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