#musicmonday: Patrick Wolf – Overture

patrick wolf sundark and riverlight album cover

I was going to do something about Neil Armstrong – maybe Bowie’s Space Oddity – but it was too trite. Too obvious. So instead I’m drawing your attention to the unrelated new video by Patrick Wolf, which is a stripped down, strings version of a much older track. 



It’s pleasant enough. It’s OK, but it’s the reason why I never really got into Patrick Wolf – it doesn’t move me or jolt me out of whatever I’m doing while it’s playing in the background. It’s just a nice noise. This is why Patrick Wolf has passed me by all this time, and why I never really understood why I should love him as passionately as my friends do.

Here’s the blurb for the new album:

Patrick Wolf has unveiled the album artwork and announced the tracklisting for his upcoming acoustic double album Sundark and Riverlight. To coincide with the launch of the album Patrick has released the first video from the album, directed by Patrick and the amazing photographer Saga Sig, filmed at Hilles House in Gloucester and sound tracked by the 2012 version of Overture.

On the front cover of the album, Patrick holds an instrument called “Gusli” which was given to him by his Russian fans on his last Moscow show in 201 on a day that mass protests were breaking out in the city against the government, moments before the anti LGBT bill was passed in St Petersburg. One of Patrick’s Russian “Wolf Pack” opens the new version of Bermondsey Street in spoken word Russian featuring new lyrics that were improvised onstage during that last show in Moscow. “Love knows no boundaries…. No fear of society, No guilt of the government, nor the hate or hurt gone before” Patrick holds the Gusli in tribute, with love and hope to his Russian audience.


It could, potentially, be as stunning as Kristin Hersh’s Strings EP – I hope to hear a copy and find out – but Overture 2012 is merely very pleasant.

Overture 2007, on the other hand … wow. I heard it for the first time recently following a tip-off from a Collapse Board commenter, who compared it favourably to Joseph Mulhollen. This is my Facebook conversation a few minutes later.

(I was listening to The Magic Position, which is actually his third: Lycanthropy is the first album. I’ll have to track that down.)


Fan video by thedeadwalk2nite


One comment on “#musicmonday: Patrick Wolf – Overture

  1. Love Patrick Wolf! I love the fact taht he keeps doing his own thing and not chasing chart success etc (which he does deserve by the way, more people should discover him!) And I have to say your choice of tribute song was absolutely beautiful!

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