First impressions: The Bastards of Fate – Who’s A Fuzzy Buddy

I’ve been procrastinating for months on what to say about this, because frankly I don’t have a clue. Deciding that now I’ve run out of excuses and really need to review it, I’m faced with the daunting thought that I still have absolutely no f***ing idea what to say about it. That’s not because it is in any way lacking (quite the opposite!) but because I have no frame of reference – it’s just not similar enough to anything else to possibly describe it. It’s like trying to review colours.

It’s certainly colourful. Huge, joyful, utterly chaotic, riotous noise. Dense, accomplished and playful. A lot of the time it’s a giant f***ing din. Like most of what I enjoy lately, it sounds like a toddler ran amok in the HMV warehouse and is playing all the records at once at top volume – but it works.

Other people have tried to describe them – Tom Waits, Talking Heads, Modest Mouse, Frank Zappa – basically everyone a bit weird has been thrown into the mix, apparently very hard until they made a big squishy mess. Apparently, outer space tastes of raspberry and smells of rum. Hold that thought.

Screw the descriptions: buy this if you like



bearing in mind, of course, that it doesn’t sound anything at all like any of them. I’ll have to come back to this, but don’t wait around for me. You know what to do.

:edit: And, as if by magic, Consequences of Sound have stepped in with this spot-on review.



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