#musicmonday : Grizzly Bear – Sleeping Ute

Grizzly Bear by Simon Fernandez via Wikipedia

I’m surprised. I wasn’t expecting to like Grizzly Bear – I don’t even know what made me click on the link. I mean, they are and they aren’t – a “Pitchfork band”, I mean. Middle class white indie boys who undoubtedly describe themselves as “complicated” and refer to records as “documents”.

This is actually good. Really good.

This is Radiohead’s favourite band – one of them, anyway – and The Bends is the obvious jumping off point. It has the same effortless virtuosity of songwriting; the same robustness; the same verve. It’s a little psychedelic. It takes all the ingredients of the Muse concoction without sounding anything like them. It’s not your usual cheese and whine party. 

It’s a little pastoral, a little Yes-terday. It’s not insipid, dull or twee. It holds the attention. It grabs the attention. It’s gleefully busy but not overcooked or overdone.

You listen to this while I grab the rest of the album.




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