#musicmonday : The Melvins – Worm Farm Waltz

Just picked this up from Kavus Torabi’s radio show, which he does with Steve Davis. It never occurred to me that it was THE Steve Davis. You know, snooker bloke. Duh. That’s why it’s the Interesting Alternative Show. *penny finally drops* (I mean, seriously, who expects a bloody snooker legend to be hosting some bizarro show about prog rock?) 

I definitely should listen more – it’s just on so late and I’m sleepy.

Anyhoo. Melvins. Don’t know much about them except that some of my friends liked them when I was in my teens, and I recall some sort of Thirlwellian involvement somewhere – but that’s practically the same as saying that The Melvins Released A Record At Some Point so that gets us nowhere. Lessee. Started in 1983, influenced by Black Flag and Swans, massively influential on Nirvana, blah blah. Ah yes – Mine Is No Disgrace is the Melvins/Foetus moment, but it’s one of my least favourite tracks hence general fuzziness. This is much, much better.

Freak Puke is this year’s album by The Melvins, and I’ve only heard this song, but it’s … wow. It’s got Trevor Dunn from Mr Bungle/Tomahawk on double bass, which gives it this glorious woody quality like someone could beat you to death by slamming you into that bass riff. It’s tricksy, yes, and lurches off in different directions as you might expect from something featured on a late night prog show.

Yup. Listen.



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