Deerhoof – Breakup Song

Deerhoof on stage by Mcgwireonfire via Wikipedia

Tonight I am mostly listening to Deerhoof. I blame JG Thirlwell, since he inspires most of my follies, but specifically because he posted about them on his blog.

You can either click the link below or, if you can stand the adverts, head on over to Spotify. I’m way too tired to even begin to describe it, but if you’re a fan of Battles, Gang Gang Dance and the newer stuff by Sufjan Stevens, oh, ffs, just click it. It won’t kill you.



Weird – according to a couple of disgruntlers over at Amazon, this is their crap album. Blimey! If that’s them on a bad day, I really ought to check out their other albums! (Their “worst” is considerably better than most other bands’ best.)



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