David Lynch’s new Ultraista remix

Yes, that David Lynch. Yes, that Ultraísta. The song is Strange Formula.

Some people have been describing this as “industrial” – I don’t see it myself, but would liken it more to the harder-edged indie stuff from the 90s. The good stuff, I mean. It has that sort of ostinato, driving rhythms, heavy distortion quality to it. It’s dissonant but not unpleasant. I suppose Curve would be your reference point, or even Can – the repetitiveness is quite krautrockish.

Yes, I definitely enjoy this. Doubt if I can get the bugger to embed, though.



If you happen to live in America, you can catch Ultraísta on 19th October at Echoplex LA, followed on 22nd at the San Francisco Independent and on 24th at Le Poisson Rouge in New York.


2 comments on “David Lynch’s new Ultraista remix

    • It’s a “feature” of WordPress – you can’t use “embed” code (though you might be able to if you have the fancy paid-for version). I think there is a way to circumvent that, but it’s really complicated.

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