#musicmonday : Death Grips – Deep Web

F***ety f***. Death Grips are giving away their new album No Love Deep Web, and the site has keeled over! My first attempt at a download corrupted after an agonisingly slow transfer, and when I tried again, it was gone!


Luckily, Soundcloud have it up for streaming, and there’s plenty here to please anyone who enjoyed I’ve Seen Footage. It’s the same playfulness, dark, nasty beats, rumbly noises and things that go “whee“. 

It puts me in mind of that Necessary album I was banging on about a few weeks ago, but instead of state-of-the-nation lyrics, “I’ve got some s*** to say just for the f*** of it” is about as sophisticated as we get here. (I shan’t speculate about the rest of the lyrics – apparently the usual knuckle-dragging meathead huffing.)

The music is sophisticated, though – intricate layers, breaks, jazzy bits. I offhandedly described it to my husband as “the new Prodigy”, and that’s probably not too far off-target. It has that punky intensity, that brutality and that accessibility.

Now that dubstep is officially over (c/f new Internet Explorer ad), this nicely fills the void for grubby, slinky grooves or listen-at-home bass-heavy dirty breaks.

Talking of dirty, in case you wondered, the censored image on the cover art is that of a large, erect, bright pink penis. The (ludicrous) phrase “no love deep web” is written across the member in black felt tipped pen. It all looks jolly uncomfortable.

The things they do for art.



:edit: Ah, apparently this was a spat between band and label, so Sony have probably pulled the free download for good. Oh well. You can still stream it.




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