Lydia Lunch & Rowland S Howard – Black JuJu

Rowland S Howard press pic Lydia Lunch by Starphuk

Just stumbled upon this at Tumblr, and was so impressed that I had to share. It’s a cover of an Alice Cooper song. That surprises me, actually – you’ll get that when you hear it.

The song comes from Cooper’s 1971 album Love It To Death, produced by Bob Ezrin. This cover ramps up the tribal drum sound and squealing guitars, magnifying that era’s transition between psychedelia and hard rock. It’s from the 1991 album Shotgun Wedding, which was one of several collaborations between Rowland S Howard (The Birthday Party) and Lydia Lunch. It sounds like the soundtrack to a trashy exploitation flick, but in a good way – like a Robert Rodriguez movie. It’s that kind of cool. Continue reading