First impressions: Dishonored

Dishonored box art

I’m going to be a drop bear when I grow up. I’m practising now, perched on a ledge, with my unwitting victim meandering around beneath me. Whump-squish-phfft. That was the man from the Watch, who I’m now going to dump in the sewer stream, in the hopes that nobody will find him. I’m doing a lousy job, since the body is quickly discovered. Oh well. So much for stealth.

Dishonored is like Thief and Batman had a baby. My first few minutes after the tutorial-prologue involve sneaking up behind guards, making non-lethal takedowns and dragging the bodies out of view. There’s quite a pile of bodies forming, but I aim to be out of there before anyone spots my handiwork. The drop-kills are another guilty pleasure – similar in feel to those oh-so-satisfying vertical-ninja-grabs from Batman: Arkham Asylum. Like Thief, the game is mostly stealth, but unless you’re either highly conscientious or really skilled, you’ll probably rack up a minor body count by the end.  Continue reading