10 ways to totally make your day

I’ve had a great day. Follow these simple steps, and you’ll have a great day, too.

1. Sugar and spice and all things nice

You might recall my campaign to Starbucks from a couple of years back? It seems to have paid off (Yes, I credit my three stupid emails for their national change-of-heart): today, I bought my first Pumpkin Spice Latte from Starbucks. Worth the wait. 

2. Spoil yourself

I dropped Princess Pickle off at the crack of dawn to nursery for her settling-in session and fled next door to have my nails done, so that’s my first recommendation: a manicure. I picked the gorgeous Glitzerland shade by OPI – read more about it here.

3. Let it all out

Apparently, venting our emotions is good for us. I’ve always believed this, or at least used it to justify having the emotional continence of a toddler. Yelling at people can have some unpleasant effects, but there’s nowt wrong with putting on a weepy movie and having a damn good cry.



4. Be amazed

Nicki Minaj Looks Exactly Like Rita Repulsa From Power Rangers. OMG! She does! (via Buzzfeed)

Nicki Minaj looks exactly like Rita Repulsa from Power Rangers Buzzfeed

5. Listen to something great

Matmos, from the Ganzfield EP, via  JG Thirlwell’s Tumblr

6. Spoil someone else

I bought Him Indoors a little candy treat from John Lewis’s Halloween collection

7. Listen to something else great

Death Grips, also via JG Thirlwell’s Tumblr



8. Anticipate

Guapo’s trailer for their CD/DVD and LP/DVD release of History of the Visitation, out on Cuneiform in January.



9. Gasp

This blog entry found via someecards.com struck a chord. We have a colleague known as City Shorts (because she wears shorts, oddly enough) who has very loud conversations on her mobile phone in the corridor. We don’t know her or anything about her, but the ins and outs of her private life have been fuelling office gossip for years.

10. Giggle

If you laugh at this fat hamster getting stuck, you’re a terrible person. But no worse than me!



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