#musicmonday : Swans – Better Than You

Swans 2010 by Marcin Kutera

Computer’s still on the blink. Haven’t slept a wink after Princess Pickle was teething last night, and woke up about every hour, whimpering with pain, and wouldn’t settle until I held her hand until she drifted back to sleep. She refused her breakfast, and I tried to spoon it in anyway – big mistake – she vomited up one teaspoon of rice and several ounces of drool and phlegm. Oh, and my bus was diverted for roadworks, so I was late in at my first day back at work.

This song is pretty much the only thing about today that doesn’t completely suck

I’ve never been much of a fan of Swans. Their brutal, turgid style of doom and gloom has never really done it for me, and always left me feeling twice as miserable as when I started.

This song, though, makes me smile.



Perhaps it’s because it reminds me of Coterie, by Levitation. Perhaps it’s just because it’s something you could reasonably hum.

Good song, anyway.


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