It was a dark and stormy night! Scary movies and freak weather

Frankenstein poster 1931

Now that at least everyone I know seems to have checked in safe and well, I wasn’t sure whether to do a Halloween post or a post-Frankenstorm gratitude post, so I figured I’d combine the two. Here’s a handful of fun movies that were set when the weather was less than balmy. 

Frankenstein (thunderstorm)

It’s impossible to think of this movie without picturing the lightning. “It’s ALIVE!”


The Fog (fog)

I wonder what the weather’s like in this film …


The Mist (fog)

Again, the title of this Stephen King story doesn’t suggest sunshine and skippy lambs.


The Thing (snowstorm)

One of the finest horrors of the 1980s. A group of scientists are stuck in a research base in Antarctica, being picked off one by one by a malevolent being that could be masquerading as any one of them.


The Shining (snowstorm)

Cabin fever reaches new extremes at the haunted Overlook Hotel. Stuck inside to shelter from the cold, the family try not to do each other’s heads in (in a most literal sense).


Identity (thunderstorm)

This cheesy but extremely watchable offbeat mystery thriller tells of a group of strangers who seek refuge from a storm in a crummy motel. John Cusack tries to solve the growing murder tally.


Jurassic Park (tropical storm)

It all starts with a storm … then comes the “running and screaming”.


The Mummy (sandstorm)

It all starts with a sandstorm … then comes the running and screaming.


Knowing (solar firestorm)

This is more of a cosmic catastrophe than bad weather, but Nic Cage’s oddly disappointing (if very atmospheric) chiller features the mother of all things to ruin a good hair day.


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