#musicmonday : Buke and Gase release Hurricane Sandy benefit track

As relief that my friends are OK turns to concern for the strangers that aren’t, Buke and Gase have released a track from their forthcoming album, General Dome, to benefit the stricken Red Hook region of Brooklyn.

I’ve already contributed to the Red Cross, but I’m eager to hear more of the new B&G album, so I’ll just consider it buying a song. The e-single, backed with the band’s cover of Blue Monday, is only available for one week.

If you’re not remotely interested in new B&G music (seriously, what’s wrong with you?), the band provide a direct donation link:


More hands-on ways to help these and other individual communities can be resourced from: bit.ly/SandyNonsense 

Net profits for sale of this digital single will be given to the Red Hook Initiative. (A small amount will be deducted by PayPal and for mechanical fees for “Blue Monday”; Bandcamp has kindly reduced their fee for handling this transaction.) You can learn more about the Red Hook Initiative or give directly at www.rhicenter.org


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