New Skyrim add-on is pure fan service for Morrowind lovers

It’s my general belief that every game is automatically better if it has mushroom trees. Skyrim takes that to heart with its fan-stroking new delectable treat, Dragonborn. If, like me, your heart is already pounding through your chest at the titillating screenshot above, you’ll probably already know that the new DLC is set on Morrowind‘s island of Solstheim. 

Remember that the country of Morrowind took a pounding when its central volcano, Vvardenfell, erupted following the crash of the floating Ministry of Truth? Though Skyrim opened its borders to refugees, it granted its territory, the Solstheim isle, to Morrowind as a resettlement ground. Dragonborn is set on this icy isle, onto which the new citizens have coaxed their mushroom-trees to grow.

Grab a spare tissue while I reel off the list of what’s in (according to fan interpretations of the trailer):

  • House Redoran and its architecture
  • Skaal village
  • Telvanni towers
  • netches
  • levitation?
  • bonemold armor?
  • rieklings
  • tusked bristleback mounts
  • spears

As someone who just spent an evening reinstalling Morrowind without much intention of playing it, but just because I cannot live without it …

… yeah. It’ll do.



Dragonborn will be available for download for 1600 Microsoft Points on Xbox LIVE on December 4.


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