#musicmonday : Missy Mazzoli and Azealia Banks

Yet again, I can’t make up my mind for my #musicmonday selection. In the Red Corner, we have You Are The Dust from Missy Mazzoli’s opera Song From The Uproar, featuring Abby Fischer who collaborated on the last Foetus album, HIDE. JG Thirlwell said this on Tumblr: 

11/11 Le Poisson Rouge hosted a performance of Missy Mazzoli’s opera Song From The Uproar featuring mezzo soprano Abigail Fischer (who also appeared of the last Foetus album Hide). Inspired by the life and writings of early 20th-century Swiss adventurer Isabelle Eberhardt and augmented by a backdrop of films by Stephen Taylor, the music was in turns plaintive, stirring and churning, soaring to emotional sores, performed by Now Ensemble and supported by two additional vocalists. Mazzoli’s opera is released on the New Amsterdam label, whose offices in the Red Hook area of Brooklyn were savaged and damaged by Hurricane Sandy. They could use your help… buy something!



Meanwhile, in the Blue Corner, Azealia Banks has firmly planted her feet in the Can Do No Wrong territory that Lady Gaga inhabited before she started to do wrong. This is her third infuriatingly catchy single in a row, Atlantis:




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