Since I’ve wasted my evening doing one of those “20 random tracks” circulars, here they are

Sufjan Stevens by Zach Klein

ipod on shuffle, blah-di-blah … [I used and my whole MP3 collection]

Sufjan Stevens – I Walked


PJ Harvey – Let England Shake

Foetus – Take It Outside Godboy

30 Seconds To Mars – Echelon

Manorexia – 10 Ton Shadow


Amebix – The One

Foetus – Primordial Industry

Radiohead – Life In A Glasshouse


Baby Zizanie – Tortilla Curtain

David Bowie – Little China Girl


Gazelle Twin – Bell Tower

Death Grips – Artificial Death In The West


Buke and Gase – Blue Monday

Bastards of Fate – The Zero Hour

Carter Tutti Void – V4 Studio

Alexander Tucker – Third Mouth

Breton – Oxides

Daft Punk – Nocturne


Thinking Plague – Dead Silence (OMG – the seguing between those tracks was perfect!)


The Kinks – Dead End Street


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